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About Our Mix


A Mix of Creativity Runs in the Family

Such a wonderful thing that artistic talent runs in our family. My mother enjoys oil painting and a variety of hand crafts. My husband aspired to be an architect in his youth. Our son is very talented at drawing, painting, and creating. I loved to draw when I was young, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered my passion for mixed media abstract art. I also aspired to be an architect at a young age, similar to my husband, although he was more the technical. mechanical drawer and I was the designer. We had both moved on to new aspirations by the time we met, but at that first meeting we joked about how we could have been one great architect if we could have combined our talents. 


Mixing It Up!

Fast forward almost 30 years later, and we have a wonderful mix of talent in our little family. Our teenage son is very talented artistically, but he's more interested in designing robots than houses, which is awesome! He is so creative, I know he will do well in whatever he does. He and I get to spend quality time together, thankfully, and one of our favorite past-times is to take nature walks. We both enjoy nature photography and just exploring whenever we can. Over the years, I've learned how beneficial it can be to make time for nature and the creative arts, both of which are great stress reducers!


The Progression

I ended up going into psychology and then health education; my husband became an accountant. Life happened and art wasn't a big part of it for a long time. Then I started getting more and more urges to create...It started with doing some crafts here and there while my son was growing up. Unlike my mother or him, I've never been very interested in painting. Then recently, I realized I had a knack for abstract mixed media art, something I just learned existed. It started out with making small designs with glass gems, then I discovered gel printing, and then die-cutting and embossing. Now I've discovered my creative niche and I'm thrilled to be able to share my health education knowledge along with my unique art and specialty gifts!

About the Mix

Abstract Art!

What Now?

So, I thought, OK we have a mix of creative energy in our household that just kind of exploded, what is there to do with it all now? We needed a focus. I noticed that a lot of projects we were doing as a family and on my own were stemming from our love of nature. I began learning more and more about how nature and creative arts are intertwined and inspire each other. And how beneficial they both are when it comes to overall health and well-being. Having studied and practiced psychology and health education, this all intrigued me.


Combining My Passions

So, I decided to combine my love for art, creativity and writing and my passion for educating about the health benefits of nature. My mission with this site is to share my knowledge and experience as well as share the fruits of my labor. I am hoping those visiting this site will be inspired to create whatever interests them, while taking the time to also enjoy their natural surroundings. For instance, I further combine my passions by taking my camera on nature walks to get some really beautiful photographs. We're all too wired in this modern day and we all need the chance to take time for ourselves and our families to disconnect and reduce our stress levels. Why not mix it all up?!


My Products

Being exposed to Mixed Media Art and various techniques has opened up a huge world of creative possibilities for me. I realized a while back it relaxes me and makes me happy to make very colorful abstract designs. I have created tons of mandalas and cabochons and abstract gel prints. I discovered die cutting and embossing and taught myself how to create really cool paper and glass combinations. I started making unique cards and gifts with this technique and the responses from family and friends were so positive, I felt it was time for me to share my products with a larger audience. It only seems right that my first "exhibit" was at a local art fair in a park! I am so fortunate to have my very talented son and family by my side on this exciting journey! Thanks guys! - Amy