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Nature Wellness Education

What in the World is Nature Wellness Education?

For this site, Nature Wellness Education refers to learning about the various health and wellness benefits of the natural world. It's about how visiting the outside world is healthy and a good idea for all of us, adults and children alike, especially in our fast-paced, technologically-wired, media-obsessed world. It does not refer to learning about such things as animal and plant species or organic foods. If the natural world is what you're into, stay and read on. You may learn some more great ways that nature can benefit your overall health.

With degrees and background experience in the fields of Social Psychology and Community Health Education, I have decided to combine my knowledge and passions in this site. In addition to sharing my art and unique crafts, mostly inspired by nature, I also want to provide information about the many ways nature and creativity are so important to overall health. Being immersed in nature has positive effects on our immune systems, our brain functioning, and our physical and emotional well-being.  Being around nature is a great stress-reliever, as is being more creative, which I discuss in another section under the Wellness Education heading.

Below are some great resources for learning more about this new global interest in the many health benefits of nature. These books can help you learn more about such interesting ideas as "forest bathing," which originated in Japan and has to do with un-wiring and immersing oneself in nature for its multitude of benefits. The idea is finally making strides in America and is behind the campaign known as www.DiscovertheForest.org. Another great site that delves into the epidemic problem of children not spending enough time outdoors is www.Childrenandnature.org. Definitely two great sites worth checking out!


Nature Wellness Links

Discover The Forest Campaign


The Discover the Forest website is devoted to getting families and children excited about visiting our nation's many beautiful national forests and recreational parks. Great site for more benefits from the Great Outdoors!

Children & Nature Network


The Children and Nature Network website provides information on how to get children more involved in nature activities, with their families and through their communities and schools.

Nature Education Must Reads

Nature Fix


The Nature Fix: 

Why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative  

By Florence Williams

Silent Spring


Rachel Carson's Nature Fix

Nature Education for Families

Vitamin N


Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature Rich Life 

by Richard Louv

Includes 500 fun ways to incorporate Nature (Vitamin N)

 into your own life, your family members' lives

 and your community!

Nature Principle


The Nature Principle:

Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age

by Richard Louv

Ditch the phone and discover nature again!

Healing Nature of Nature

Forest Bathing


Your Guide to Forest Bathing:

Experience the Healing Power of Nature

by M. Amos Clifford

Discover the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, translated as "forest bathing," which is the act of immersing oneself in a natural, calming environment. This book takes concepts from shinrin-yoku to develop the culturally relevant idea of "forest therapy."

Biophilia Effect


The Biophilia Effect

by Clemens G. Arvay

The biophilia effect refers to the scientific aspect of nature's healing effects on humans.

It explores how nature is beneficial to humans' 

physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Incredibly inspiring information about how physically being close to trees can help illnesses due to boosting immunity!

Brain on Nature


Your Brain on Nature

by Eva M. Selhub and Alan C. Logan

This book delves into the science of nature

and its influence on human's

happiness, health and well-being.



Waterviews: Healing Power of Nature

by John Cardone

A practical exploration of the influence 

of nature of health and well-being.

The author is a New York native and medical professional who has included many of his own photographs of nature, especially those of waterviews from his kayak.